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Technologies on hub and anti-falling device


The connection hub is the most key component for reliable connection, which means safety!

Be a medial and transmitting part from the shaft of gear-box to blade, the hub should secure the reliable connection in two sides:

First, it should prevent itself and blades falling down;

Second, it should ensure to a reliable connection between blade handle and sliders, the key point is the blade/blade handle will never break away from the sliders on the hub. 



Blade technology and air performance

Honyton blade is our R&D fruit based on modern aerodynamics. 

Since the huge speed gap between the root and lip of the blade, about sevenfold in velocity, it is essential to design a blade with different contour accordingly, that is variable section and width along the radial direction, to even the airflow pressuring down. Forming a different twisted angle at the attack side which can optimize the distribution of static and dynamic pressure along the redial, the optimized distribution can improve the air amount and coverage. 

Compare with those equally width, extruded blade, Honyton fan will not result in a central empty hole of airflow under the fan due to our aerodynamic technology。

Finally, the tilted up design of the lip can enlarge the coverage and soften the airflow under the central area.





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